iDirect service is mainly for big offices and corporates which need fast and reliable satellite internet connection. Balkan Telekom provides both shared and dedicated satellite internet service over iDirect platform. The teleport located at Munich, Germany has different antennas aligned to couple of Ku and C band satellites.

  • Professional satellite internet access with SLA
  • Different capacity and price options
  • VoIP and VPN support
  • Coverage all over Turkey, Europe, Middle East and Africa

iDirect satellite internet terminals consist the following parts:

Ku / C band Tx/Rx antenna : Between 1.0m – 2.4m diameter and could be change depends on the geographical location.

Ku / C band BUC : Typical power ranges between 1W and 10 Watt for Ku/Ka/C bands

Ku / C band LNB : PLL LNB for receiving signals.

DVB-S2/TDMA satellite internet modem : iDirect X1, X3 and X5 modems with ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation) feature to prevent the signaling from bad weather conditions and other additional features.

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