SCPC dedicated satellite internet service is the ideal communication solution for office/yard/factory which has high traffic profile and need high speed and dedicated internet communication.

As  dedicated satellite internet service uses dedicated capacity , all internet applications can run at high performance.

  • Surfing on the internet, receive and send e-mail
  • VoIP, phone/fax communication.
  • Video Conference
  • Video Broadcasting
  • Video Streaming

In dedicated satellite internet service, satellite terminal that is installed at customer location communicates with the earth station which has direct connection to the Europe Internet Backbone such as Germany, France. Afterwards it obtains fast and low jitter internet communication overTier1 internet provider networks.

Typical SCPC terminal consists of following hardware:

Ku / C band Tx/Rx antenna : Between 1.8m – 3.7m diameter and could be change depends on the geographical location

Ku / C band BUC : min. 3 Watt for Ku band , min. 5 Watt for C band

Ku / C band LNB : PLL LNB for receiving signals

SCPC modem : SCPC modem with TCP/IP support, capable of ACM.