Balkan Telekom’s satellite communication solutions that are independent from terrestrial lines, provide uninterrupted and reliable internet access to wide range of environment from home-office to big corporates. According to customers’ needs, shared or dedicated satellite internet service is offered.

Internet access which is one of the basic needs nowadays, is a problem especially in such areas that terrestrial lines cannot be used.

Balkan Telekom offers economical and uninterrupted satellite internet access with shared satellite communication service, from small offices to big corporates.


Shared satellite internet service uses two way broadband satellite communication system (DVB-S2/TDMA). Shared satellite internet service provides broadband connection by sharing among satellite terminals on download and upload directions. Because of the burstable characteristic of IP traffic, sharable mechanism gives opportunity of economical satellite communication to the end user.



  • Economical and fast internet connection
  • Independent from terrestrial lines
  • Formed by DVB-S2/TDMA equipments that simple and high performance system.
  • Ideal internet connection solution for small offices
  • Connection opportunity in low contented channels  for big offices
  • According to capacity requirement variable contention ratio/price choices
  • Telephony connection (VoIP) ability
  • Service opportunity over different satellites such as Eutelsat,SES,Telesat etc.


Balkan Telekom provides satellite internet service via different platforms such as: