Telenor Ka band service is a fast and efficient two way satellite internet connection on the Thor-7 satellite which is managed by Telenor. Balkan Telekom is the country distributor of Telenor services in Turkey.

Telenor Ka band services offering different  service packages up to 15Mbps/3Mbps according to customer needs.

  • Economical and fast internet connection
  • Simple installation, plug and play modem
  • According to capacity requirement variable contention ratio/price choices
  • Telephony connection ability
  • Coverage all over Turkey and Middle East

The Telenor Ka band satellite internet terminals consist the following parts:

KA band Tx / Rx Antenna : 98cm Ka band antenna

Ka band TRIA : Compact BUC and LNB unit with the cooperative self pointing ability

Modem : 10/100Mbps iDirect modem  with ethernet interface

balkan telenor

idirect balkan