Afghanistan did not have sufficient infrastructure because of the wars which continued for  long time. Before the invasion the Russians has built the roads for easy transportation then they start the invasion. All the remaining buildings, roads and infrastructures are made by the Russians. The remaining buildings and structures has been devastated when the Russians has set back. Because of this, the country needs many projects about infrastructures, domestic housing, hotels, social facilities and others. Especially the main needs like transportation, energy, telecommunications, irrigation and sewer needs to be done are the top priority.


However The Afghan Government, could only manage budget for a very limited commitments for constructions. The truth is; even all countries could participate in to international tenders, Turkish companies have been preferred for the NGO and government tenders. Thus the Turkish companies have a big contribution in reconstruction of Afghanistan; while they could win some tenders directly, besides they work for the other companies as subcontactors.


Balkan Telekom, is offering telecommunication solutions mainly based on satellite systems for the companies operating at Afghanistan. Providing services at all Afghanistan with the technical partners located at Kabul. Balkan Telekom could provide all satellite related hardware from Afghanistan locally. Balkan Telekom has active terminals at Kabul, Kandahar, Bastion, Dwyer and some other provinces in Afghanistan as of year 2015.

Afganistan Balkan Telekom