Turkmenistan is a country which is headed by Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov with presidential system and is neutral and independent. After elected perpetual president Saparmurat (Niyazov) died, on 11th February 2007, with %89 unaminity Berdimuhammedov elected as president for 5 years.

Energy resources such as petrol and natural gas, provide the most important income in Turkmenistan. Even though the country is mostly covered by deserts, half of the agriculture land is being used for cotton and this makes Turkmenistan the leader cotton manufacturer in the world. Turkish companies realized this market and have been making investments.
These Turkish companies are mostly interested in energy, health care, paper and food industries, tourism, transportation, petrol, auto industry, banking, retail and textile. Especially Turkish companies have leaded big projects in textile industry and modernized the methods of local textile in Turkmenistan.

With textile industry investments Turkmenistan has been a confection center after years exporting all cotton. Confection products have been sold to traditional markets like Russia and also to sophisticated markets like U.S.A. and Japan.

Other than manufactories in service sector, there is a hospital and a shopping mall provided with Turkish capital. Turkish companies’ and citizens’ investments value is around 260M dollars. Trade Consultancy data is being developed excluding the third country capitol modulation, such as Netherland and Malta. From the standpoint of unofficial sources, Turkish investments value is more than 1bilion dollars.

Balkan Telekom provides mostly satellite based, all manner of telecommunication solutions for companies in Turkmenistan. Balkan Telecom has service to entire Turkmenistan with its technical team in capital of town Ashgabat. In Turkmenistan, to have satellite service is necessary to have official permission. Balkan Telecom also provides consultancy service for permissions.

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